2) Group Howling for the joy of it (includes only TWO voices but sounds like more)!

Howling To Sirens,

Group Howling and

Squeals of Delight At A Greeting

1) THREE COYOTES HOWLING in response to a faint siren in the distance. Two of the coyotes are yipping next to each other, the third one is in the distance with a deeper and longer howlhttps://coyoteyipps.com/2017/07/06/daybreak-after-july-4th/

Please notice that coyote howling is totally different from coyote barking which I describe on another page -- click “coyote barking” above. The HOWLING is either elicited by fire engine sirens early in the morning or performed for the pure joy of doing so. As far as I have seen, coyote howling has nothing to do with dogs intruding upon the coyotes. Though a howling session may include “barks”, these are not distressed sounding as is the case when a dog intrudes upon a coyote.  When I heard the howl associated with the fire engine siren (3), I could hear another coyote far, far in the distance responding in the same way! I’m wondering if this is a coyote “community” response?!

I have included six recordings of howls (1-4 & 6-7). Five were elicited by fire engine sirens early in the morning. However, fire engine sirens do not always elicit a howl from coyotes. I have watched a coyote as sirens sounded nearby, and the coyote totally ignored it!!

The second recording above which includes only TWO voices is actually a response to and part of a joyful play session. There was no siren. Although it might sound like many coyotes, it involved only two voices!! 

Then, because I didn’t know where else to put it, and because these were joyful “noises”, I’ve added a short recording of “squealing” which I was able to capture on my recording device when a family of coyotes greeted each other early one morning!

3) HOWL in response to siren -- after siren. Very short recording.

4) Howl with siren. Hard to distinguish.

5) Squeals of Delight at a Coyote Greeting -- the shutter drowns the first part

6) Three coyotes howling in response to a siren, with some bass in the background added by a dog -- this is the first minute of the recording. The last 4 minutes turns into barking by one of the coyotes with a second one howling occasionally -- it went on less intensely for a long time in response to dogs and onlookers on a path close by.

7) Two coyotes howling with a third sometimes joining in.